Whether you are looking to take your home to the next level or want a room refresh, now is the time for an updated look. Katie Hooper, West Warwick General Manager and experienced Cabot House Interior Designer is excited to share her top 10 design trends for 2024.


1. Textures

Integrating textures adds depth and aesthetic appeal to any room. Textured elements bring movement and life to a space and help it feel warm and welcoming.

Different textures signal different aesthetics and feelings. Smooth and shining surfaces like polished marble and glass make a space appear sleek and contemporary. Rough and natural textures like exposed brick and raw wood provide a rustic , organic feel. To generate visual interest and make a room feel more dynamic and layered, designers integrate a range of textures.

In addition to their visual impact, textures add to the sensory experience of a space. Plush carpets, soft upholstery, and textured wallpapers provide comfort and an inviting feel. They engage our sense of touch and create a more immersive and enjoyable environment.


2. Warm Neutrals, Tans, Creams, and Soft Pinks

Gone are the days of stark white walls and monotone grays. Instead, we’re seeing a shift towards embracing earthy, soothing tones that create a warm and inviting ambience.

Unlike their cooler counterparts, warm neutrals such as creamy beiges, soft browns, and muted terracottas evoke a sense of coziness and comfort. Warmer neutrals are ideal for creating inviting interiors and can transform a room into a sanctuary, providing a retreat from the outside world where you can relax and unwind.

One of the major advantages of neutrals is their versatility. These colors work well with a variety of design styles and can be paired with bolder accents or used as a foundation for more subdued aesthetics. Warm neutrals are timeless and can help ensure that your interior won’t feel dated as trends come and go.

White curved chairs and sofa with a black coffee table and warm neutral walls

Living Room by Cabot House Designer Giuliana Carhuamaca


3. Eclectic & Mixed Styles

Homeowners are leaning towards a more comfortable, lived-in look rather than a smooth, sterile aesthetic. In line with the uptick in antique and vintage shopping, our customers have a strong desire to connect with their past. This year, we anticipate a rise in highly personalized spaces and rich color palettes, as well as more eclectic interiors, as people combine antiques and family heirlooms with bespoke and contemporary pieces.

While maximalism is all about more, the eclectic aesthetic focuses on a deliberate use of a statement color, texture, and bespoke furniture. Instead of overcrowding a space, we recommend leaning into a carefully curated design with surprising, unpredictable pieces. By blending old and new and incorporating pieces from different periods and styles, an eclectically decorated home will always feel entirely your own. Tell your story through vibrant gallery walls and collected pieces from global travels while giving your furnishings space to breathe and shine.

Living room with blue chairs, patterned ottoman, television and art

Living Room by Cabot House Designer Gail Bradbard


4. Mixed Metals

Mixing metals has become a prominent design trend and adds visual interest and creates depth. Whether you’re going for a chic, modern, timeless, look, mixing metals in your space adds visual interest to your space that will last well beyond 2024.

Kitchen by Cabot House Designer Patrice Belier


5. Statement Pieces

Statement pieces will take center stage this coming year. These eye-catching pieces add personality and character to a space and often serve as focal points capturing attention and sparking conversations. Whether it’s a sculpture, painting, or unconventional piece of furniture, statement pieces inject vitality, individuality, and creativity into an interior.

Say goodbye to filler pieces and hello to conversation starters. Sculptural furniture is growing in popularity. Even your smallest side table can make a big statement! In 2024, expect to see a rise in daring and unconventional items that serve as artistic expressions within the home.

Living room with black and white patterned sectional and round white ottoman

Living Room by Cabot House Designer Pam Miller


6. Soft, Curved Silhouettes

Soft lines reflect our desire for soft, cozy, and happy spaces within our homes. Curved sofas are chic, inviting, and allow for more intimate seating arrangements than traditional sofas. They also add a touch of femininity to any space. Curves are visually appealing and add softness and sophistication. Float curved sofas rather than pushing them against a wall in a room so you can walk around them and fully appreciate these statement pieces. Curved furniture is versatile and fits well in both traditional and contemporary settings and easily integrate into existing interiors.

While we love curves, keep them to a minimum and integrate them thoughtfully, as having too many in a room can dull their magic.

Thomas Pheasant for Baker


7. Custom Pieces

Following the trends towards personalization and individuality in the home, people aren’t shying away from ordering custom furniture. Custom upholstery, where we choose size, fabric, and trims is a great way to build one-of-a-kind interiors. Our customers are willing to invest in furniture that fits perfectly rather than ordering standard pieces.

We are also seeing customization of cocktail tables, console tables, and beds. We provide a variety of finishes, fabrics, and headboard options. Selecting your favorite options is always a fun process. Custom pieces add individuality and a bespoke quality to homes. Why order something stock when you can have something uniquely customized to your needs and taste?

Living Room by Giuliana Carhuamaca


8. European Inspiration

With overseas travel back in style, Europe is a popular destination . We’re seeing clients return from their travels inspired by the beautiful architecture and European design. Europeans aren’t afraid of furnishing traditional homes with modern furnishings, creating eclectic interiors with multidimensional style and depth. We’ve also seen a rise in beautiful textiles, leather, and luxury home furnishings carried by European designers like Dolce & Gabbana Casa and Gamma Arredamenti.

Modern blue leather sectional with a glass wall and sea behind it

Sectional by Gamma Arredamenti


9. Bold Patterns, Colors, and Fabrics

In 2024, bold and vibrant hues and patterns are taking center stage. After years of muted color palettes, this year is all about injecting energy and personality into our living spaces.

The key to effectively using bold colors is balance. Don’t be afraid to experiment, but also exercise restraint. Our designers recommend selecting a dominant color and using bolder shades as accents. It’s also important to consider the lighting and architecture of a space. Natural light can enhance the vibrancy of colors, while artificial lighting can temper or intensify them. Creating a harmonious palette that aligns with the mood and purpose of the room will help you gain the most from a bold palette.

When using patterns and bold colors, it’s important to choose carefully and mix them deftly. You want the finished look to appear fresh rather than dated. It’s a delicate balance, one that can be difficult to achieve without the help of a designer.

Brightly patterned pillows on a yellow couch

Pattern, Pillows, and Sectional by Dolce & Gabbana Casa


10. Natural Stone, Marble, and Limestone

Following trends of drawing inspiration from nature, we’re seeing a rise in natural stone. Natural stone adds a touch of organic glamor to a home. It’s functional, durable, and serves to bring the outdoors in. From countertops to bathroom details to decorative objects, natural stone is versatile and durable, and will serve as a lasting fixture in any interior.

Marble Stone table and chairs in a neutral room

Ariana Table from the Baker Luxe Collection

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