The Great Outdoors Beckons — Extend Living Space with Outdoor Furniture

That delightful extra hour of daylight means the “great migration” to the “great outdoors” is about to begin. Now, ask yourself, are you ready for your first barbecue or pool party? If those old fold-up chairs and tattered chaises just aren’t cutting it anymore, Cabot House wants to comfortably extend your living space with outdoor furniture from the world’s best manufacturers.

Extend living space with LEE Industry outdoor furniture

If you’re dreaming of Ibiza (or the Gulf Coast), here you are. “Agave” sustainably manufactured outdoor furniture from LEE Industry.

When the days are long, who doesn’t want to lounge around in the warm sun with a cool beverage (and a convenient place to set it)? Whether your outdoor space is a tiny patio with an urban view, or expansive grounds complete with pool, cabana, and tennis court—our brand name collections of outdoor furniture can set the mood for any size space.

Big or Small? The Size and Purpose of Your Outdoor Space Matters

Does your apartment or condo offer even a little outdoor area to enjoy? Lucky you. Let’s begin to extend your living space with outdoor furniture designed for diminutive outdoor areas, before tackling the grandeur of a palatial estate. 

How will you use your outdoor space? Barbecuing and card games, or cocktails and crocheting? Sun worship, or shelter from it? Either way, it’s easy to extend your living space with outdoor furniture once you define its function. (This goes for the palatial estate-sized spaces too).


Be the star of your own life. “Oscar” by BROWN JORDAN

What’s Your Style?

You’ve defined the “function” of your outdoor living space. Now, what’s your style? Contemporary or classic? Mid-mod and iconic? Don’t know? Don’t worry. Take our STYLE QUIZ

Once you have yourself figured out, Cabot House’s interior designers will assist in fine-tuning your selections from an extensive catalog of quality outdoor furniture manufacturers, like Brown Jordan, Gloster, Lee Industries, and Century. We love designing for outdoor living.

Ok, you’ve taken the  STYLE QUIZ (right?). If contemporary defines your design style, you’re in luck, again.

Mad About Mid-Mod

Extend living space with Brown Gordon Outdoor furniture

Like a trip to Palm Springs, “Stretch” by Brown Jordan.

We love the clean, timeless lines of the modernist movement. Brown Jordan’s low-slung “woven” Stretch seating pays homage to the “Palm Springs Hipster, Patio Daddy-o” outdoor furniture of the mid-20th-century.

Perfect in a small setting, extend the fun for larger spaces by adding more side chairs or daybeds, and a sleek coffee table from the same collection. Or, get yourself on Cloud Nine, literally – for some well deserved R-n-R on your own private patio. 

For those who love to cook, entertain, and set the perfect table – outdoors, then, one must start with the perfect outdoor table.

From Gloster’s exquisite collection of teak outdoor furniture, we’ve combined the Clipper table with Archi seating to create an exceptional al fresco dining experience. 

A squared oval, the “nautical” Clipper table comes in two sizes to accommodate small and larger gatherings. We surrounded it with deep-seated Archi dining chairs for a truly cohesive look — that harkens the 1950’s with its classic Danish modern proportions. 

Extend living space with Solid Teak Outdoor Furniture from Gloster

Ahoy! Beautiful, durable, sustainable, outdoor furniture from Clipper & Archi from Gloster.

Moreover, made from long-lasting teak, you’ll enjoy this masterful collection of outdoor furniture for generations to come. Bon apetit—or bon voyage—Clipper and Archi work well on the deck of your yacht too.

In Transition?

More of a “transitionalist.” Some of us are too. Cabot House’s outdoor seating and dining options by Brown Jordan is designed for evolving tastes—but work well in almost any setting. Beautifully proportioned with a feminine vibe with low-maintenance finishes. Makes you want to dust off the tea set and have the ladies over for cribbage—or poker. Your call.

Brown Jordan Walter Lamb Collection

Break out the cribbage set. – Walter Lamb Collection for BROWN JORDAN.

The Great BIG Outdoor Space

We saved the best for last. If you’re one of those lucky folks with a fair bit of acreage around your home, you’ll need a place to sit, play, lounge, eat, cook, dine, entertain, lounge, dry off, relax, stargaze, and maybe snuggle too. Whew. We’ll help extend your outdoor living space to include the far reaches of the estate!

When designing for larges spaces, the goal is to create visual coherence and intuitive flow. Century, Brown Jordan, and Lee offer expansive collections that solve this issue with versatile, modular pieces. We’ll help you create well-defined outdoor “rooms” and functional spaces with fun, hardworking outdoor furnishings designed for double—and triple duty

Extend living space with outdoor furniture from Century Furniture.

Statement-making outdoor furniture — Fill the big spaces with beautiful, modular outdoor furniture. Shown ” Tangier” by Richard Frinier for Century Furniture.

And, keep in mind, even those big spaces have small niches perfect for a little “me time.” Make them inviting with sumptuous, well-made, on-trend outdoor furniture from Cabot House.

We Know Furniture — Inside and Out

We know the choices in home furnishings can truly boggle the mind. That’s why we’re here. We know furniture — inside and out. Let us help you choose the perfect outdoor furniture to create a cohesive, comfortable and inviting –––look you’ll love for years to come.

Now. It’s nice. Go outside and get some fresh air!

Don’t see what you’re looking for? We’re happy to take your special orders from any of these fine manufacturers.* 

*Restrictions may apply

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