Allison Fresco

Meet Allison Fresco, the newest member of the Cabot House Furniture & Design, Lantana Florida team. She’s a young, talented interior designer hailing from Elizabeth, New Jersey, with roots planted in the sunny landscapes of South Florida. Inspired by the beauty around her, Allison’s childhood adventures sparked a lifelong passion for creativity and design.

After earning her interior design degree in Palm Beach, Allison embarked on a journey to refine her skills, working as an assistant at Fagan Architect and later as a junior designer at Mosaic Luxe Interiors and Realty. It was through these hands-on experiences that Allison found her footing in the industry, paving the way for her to have her own business and then join Cabot House Furniture & Design.

Allison brings a fresh perspective and expertise to every project. With a focus on creating spaces that promote wellness and harmony, Allison combines elements of biophilic design, lighting, color psychology, and ergonomics to craft environments that resonate with her clients’ lifestyles.

From residential sanctuaries to commercial ventures, Allison’s approach is rooted in personalization and attention to detail. With a dedication to exceeding expectations, Allison brings her clients’ visions to life, transforming spaces into expressions of style, functionality, and sophistication.

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