Now that so many of us are working from home, having a serene oasis to relax in at the end of the day has become even more essential to our mental health. Calming spaces that encourage unwinding are easily achieved with some touches of color, natural elements and of course the right furniture and their sofa slipcovers selections. Our designers have put together some of their favorite looks to create your own serene spaces at home.

Summer Master Retreat at Set Sail by Cabot House Designer Linda Gagnon

Calming Colors

Selecting a light, airy and soft color palette affects your mood instantly. Soft blues, greens, hints of pastels and lots of creamy whites set your relaxation mode in motion. A serene entryway or living room is accomplished here with neutral colors with pops of pink or blue. Calming colors allow the mind to rest while pops of pastels bring peacefulness into a space.

Set the tone at your entrance with Vanguard’s Donya bench.

The modern eclectic Bernhardt Interiors collection.

Add shape and diversity with the Century upholstery collection.

Natural Elements

Bringing nature into your home soothes the soul. Plants offer a natural green element that instantly breathes life into your space. Warm bamboo or soft linen textiles gently nudge a space into the outdoors. Lamp shades, pillows, art and accessories are also easy places to bring natural elements to a serene space.

Chaddock furniture offers custom details to add subtle sophistication to your space.

Achieve casual elegance with the many collections from Bernhardt furniture.

A classic, calming dining room look from Bernhardt furniture.

A detail shot of a cozy Bernhardt living room.

Uncluttered Simplicity

Clutter naturally impedes our ability to relax. Having rooms filled only with intentional furniture and accessories creates calm and serenity. Nowhere is this more important than our workspaces and sleep spaces. Even our home offices can offer a serene oasis if done well. Clear desks, nightstands, clutter-free bedrooms all reduce stress and engage our senses. Our designers have created spaces anyone would love to spend their office hours in and bedrooms that instantly relax in at the end of our day.

Vanguard’s home office collection provides style and function to your at-home work space.

Bernhardt’s home office collection inspires a calm and creative work environment.

Dreams come true with the Calista bedroom collection from Bernhardt.

Put your feet up on the Bernhardt’s Saxon Chaise.

Add dimension and architecture with the Mile’s upholstered bed by Chaddock.

Serene Lighting

Arguably the most important element to a calming space, lighting really impacts our mood. Whether natural light from windows or sprinkled ambient floor lamps and task lighting, select lighting options that give layers of options. Dimmers are also a good way to soften the lighting in your space, while soft light bulbs in task lighting will help you focus without being too bright. Great lamps in natural colors like blue or clear glass bring serenity right into your space.

The modern and glamorous Jet Set collection by Bernhardt.

Customize and personalize with Vanguard’s bedroom collection.

Clear your conscience with eco-friendly and sustainable upholstery by Lee Industries.

Quiet the mood with Currey and Company’s lighting collection.

Soothing Scents

Aromatherapy is a great way to engage your senses when creating a serene oasis in your home. A candle reminiscent of the ocean, a diffuser or vase filled your favorite scent or flower and a delicious meal that lingers in the air are all soothing ways to engage in a calming environment.

Soothing scents = ultimate relaxation!

Tailored and soft silhouettes by Vanguard Furniture’s dining collection.

Whether you’re looking to escape the stress of the day or just looking to unwind with your loved ones a serene oasis is calling your name. Let our wonderful designers help you find solace at home. We can’t wait to help you get started!

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