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No matter what style you love, whether it be Contemporary, Traditional, Minimalist, or Coastal, Cabot House Furniture & Design has a variety of ways you can spruce up your living room. Check out some of our favorite designs below and don’t forget to take our Style Quiz to receive a free interior design consultation! 


Pulling influence from various periods in the 18th and 19th centuries, Traditional style is warm and inviting with ornate and regal details. Dark, warm-toned woods like mahogany and cherry, silhouettes like wingback chairs and details like claw feet characterize traditional style, which has been modernized to suit today’s lifestyles. Choose accessories that are baroque and full of character, fabrics that are heavy with patterns like damask, and saturated colors.


Think clean lines, sleek silhouettes and an overall feeling of simplicity. Modern/Contemporary style features plenty of neutral elements with a strategic use of bold color. The space feels unfussy yet sophisticated with architectural details at the forefront. You’ll choose furniture that’s streamlined with rounded edges, and accessories that are geometric and minimalist. 


Step right into a seaside or lakeside environment with a Coastal-style room. Characterized by lots of water-inspired hues like blue and turquoise, more modern coastal also incorporates natural textures like rattan, wicker, straw, rope and light woods. SIlhouettes are simple and feel light and airy. Motifs like shells, sea life and even nautical details are also common, although not requisite.

Mid-Century Modern

Inspired by architecture and design from the mid 1930s-mid 1960s, Mid-Century Modern is another sleek, unfussy style. Also characterized by sleek lines and streamlined silhouettes, Mid-Century Modern is more organic in form than Modern/Contemporary and tends to use a wider mix of materials, like plastic and rich woods. The space is warm-hued and inviting, oftentimes incorporating geometric patterns, and definitely gives off a retro vibe upon first glance.

Urban Modern

Picture a mix of modern style with industrial touches — Urban Modern combines clean silhouettes with touches like reclaimed wood, metal accents, leather upholstery, statement lighting and even brick. If it would fit in a hip, trendy New York City loft, it fits in Urban Modern style.


A style that marries modern and traditional, transitional is timeless and easy. The beauty of this look is that you can incorporate a modern sofa with an antique-looking light fixture and they’ll look right at home. Transitional tends to stick in the neutral realm or within the same color palette, and overall, looks clean and sophisticated. It feels homier than Modern/Contemporary and less ornate than Traditional.

Contemporary Eclectic

An emerging style of today, contemporary eclectic is a blend of modern furniture, vintage accents and collected accessories and objects that perfectly communicate the homeowner’s personality. Juxtaposing colors, patterns and textures play a leading role, and important accent pieces tell a story. There aren’t many rules in Contemporary Eclectic style — it favors the bold.


Most likely inspired by the 1960s minimalist art movement, minimalist interior design style is overarchingly simple, but functional and impactful. The silhouettes are pared down and there is a “less is more” philosophy that permeates the space — each piece inside serves a purpose. Natural textures and woods, sleek lines and limited accessories are hallmarks of this style. 

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Let’s collaborate in person, online, or by phone-it’s your choice. Call us toll free at 866-603-0970 and speak to a designer to learn more about product and our interior design services or take our style quiz and receive an in-store or virtual consultation.

Why we don’t show prices online

We believe that our high-quality furniture should be sat on, touched and experienced so you, our valued customers, can appreciate the quality and craftsmanship. We think you will enjoy customizing your furniture with distinctive wood, fabrics, finishes and accent options.

For these reasons, we invite you to visit a Cabot House store and work with one of our interior designers to create the home of your dreams.


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