modern contemporary room loft precedent gray sofa with red drape

A fine piece of Precedent Contemporary Upholstery reaffirms what you’ve always known about American furniture making—nobody does it better. For the past 30 years, the skilled artisans at their plant in Hickory, North Carolina have been faithfully crafting superior furniture. That’s 30 years of checking and rechecking every joint and seam of every frame and fabric. It’s a proud tradition, upheld by a generation of dedicated workers who know by experience, there’s simply no other way to produce a truly fine piece of furniture.

With over 500 fabrics to choose from, Precedent has the perfect look for your home. Their fabrics are from the top mills and feature the most current looks. Their goal is to create the most comfortable and highest quality furnishings for your home. Precedent specifies and utilizes the very best cushions for each frame they make, ensuring that each piece is as comfortable as it is stylish.

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