mcguire living room rattan chair, sofa, coffee table with rug

McGuire combines local production methods with traditional woodworking techniques, such as dovetailed joints, to create indoor and outdoor furniture that celebrates rattan’s durability and its relaxed, tropical aesthetic. The brand has successfully extended this approach to other materials, such as rawhide, cord, and concrete, with the help of great designers such as Edward Tuttle, Thomas Pheasant and Barbara Barry. 

McGuire will always preserve the best of their heritage; creating timeless design and product that make a long-lasting contribution to a home’s most loved rooms. They proudly carry forward a design sensibility that has been more than seven decades in the making. John and Elinor McGuire had an innate sense of everything that defines a California lifestyle, indoors and out. In everything they do they capture the essence of casual luxury; unpretentious, optimistic, relaxed, warm and engaging.


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