Mary Stefanides

Mary attributes her passion, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit to her upbringing. Her parents emigrated from Greece and opened a coffee and hand-cut donut shop in Worcester, Ma. Mary holds a BA in Fine Arts and Illustration from the Art Institute of Boston. She loves painting, drawing, and photography. Her understanding of positive and negative spaces helps her when she designs floor plans. Travel is a source of inspiration. Mary lived in Tel Aviv, Israel for four years and enjoys the Israeli artist culture. She’s also lived in Greece where she was exposed to architectural design, textiles, and outdoor markets. She brings fresh ideas and concepts from her travels to designing interior and outdoor spaces. Mary’s goal is to create looks that make a difference in her client’s homes.


Soner Kanlier – “She Helps you Build Dreams”
I have known Mary for 35 years. She is an artist, a mom, a cultured world traveler, a businesswoman, and a great friend. Over the years, Mary has worked with me to design spaces throughout my personal evolution – from bachelorhood to family life – capturing a wide range my changing interests, budgets, and aesthetics. She has three things that make her an amazing designer: 1) Mary wears lots of hats (like many of us do) and she brings those diverse insights and experiences to enhance everything she does; 2) Mary is a trained artist and sees color and shapes and design in lots of unique and cool ways that most of us don’t; and 3) Mary is so fully committed to making sure that she far exceeds the expectations of anyone she works for and with.

Kristie Deiuliis – “Flexible, Prepared, Inspired”
Mary has helped me design interior and exterior spaces in 3 homes I have had over the past 15 years. Each time, I start out with a few ideas then Mary leverages those ideas to build and execute a vision that is exactly what I want. I think it’s because she has an artist’s eye, an inspired mind, and a caring heart. She always comes knowledgeable, prepared, and flexible. If you are reading this, you should take your design to a level you might not have thought possible with Mary guiding you.


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