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 BELLMONDE by Henrik Pedersen is a dining table with a casually elegant contemporary design. It works wonderfully in combination with any DEDON chair and brings the spirit of easy elegance to the dining area of the garden, patio or terrace.

A dining table designed with ease and comfort in mind, BELLMONDE balances an attitude of relaxation with a certain formal elegance. That aim is effortlessly expressed—from the ergonomics of the dining table, to its size options, to the gently organic form.

The BELLMONDE dining table combines versatility with character. The table features curved edges and slim contours that complement any DEDON dining chair. It comes in four sizes to sit larger gatherings or more intimate dinner parties.

For an outdoor contract design, the challenge is to achieve an aesthetic expression, but with all the practicalities in place. That’s what makes it interesting.

– Designer Henrik Pedersen


Stephen Burks’ award-winning collection is as delightful to look at as to use. The hanging lounge chair is the first collection to be wrapped rather than woven in 834 meters of DEDON Fiber Touch, and features a cradle-like organic form that’s open, airy, light and inviting. Once inside, users can luxuriate in KIDA’s comfy cushion, which covers the entire seating area, and feel, in Burks’ own words, “as free as the breeze” when swinging.

In conceiving KIDA, Burks sought to reinvent the hanging chair. Drawing inspiration from his close collaboration with DEDON’s master weavers in the Philippines, he developed a design that looks and feels less enclosed.

If design is your passion, it flows through everything you do.

– Designer Stephen Burks


n conceiving PAPYON, Swiss designer and architect Arnd Küchel searched for examples of nature’s pattern making and elegant practicality. The lightweight, flexible and aesthetic wing of a butterfly inspired the first sketches of PAPYON, and Küchel was quick to note the similarities between these organic formations and DEDON Fiber.

Like the butterfly that inspired its design, the new PAPYON collection by Arnd Küchel is a delightful union of beauty, grace and pleasure. The uniquely designed Wing chair and accompanying Footstool are created using distinct weaving textures, combined with an innovative technique. In nature, harmony is created through contrasts, and PAPYON’s colorway elegantly encapsulates this truth: ‘nectar’ combines warm reds and oranges. The result is a collection that represents the next metamorphosis of DEDON Fibers and craftsmanship.

The simplicity of nature is always my first stimulus. For Papyon, it was the shape and the lightweight, filigree-like structure of a butterfly that inspired me.

– Designer Arnd Küchel


Created using DEDON’s groundbreaking invert fiber, CIRQL NU signifies the next evolution of the collection and the brand’s DNA. Werner Aisslinger’s latest collection is made using co-extrusion, a process that combines two distinct fiber colors and types into one strand. The result: stunning colorways, diverse textures and geometric patterns with a special 3D-effect, creating an almost iridescent sheen depending on the viewing angle.

When you design a chair, this is always the highest goal, to achieve a new archetype, not too complex, that creates a natural sense of connection, as if it had somehow always been around.

– Designer Werner Aisslinger

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