Lori O’Brien

Lori O’Brien has been working in residential home furnishings for over 20 years and is in is in her 6th year designing for Cabot House Furniture & Design.  Lori’s “furniture & design bug” began when she was selling homes in the Boston suburbs before transitioning into indoor and outdoor furniture sales.  Her business background includes managing a furniture store in Harvard, Mass. Lori believes that the design process should be unpretentious and fun and her goal is for you to enjoy the experience with her .  Whether you are starting from scratch or need a design overhaul, Lori strives to create rooms and homes that will reflect your personal style, taste, and lifestyle. She loves working at Cabot House Burlington because of the wide range of product available for her to choose from  and she believes this is what sets the Cabot House Design Team and her apart in this industry. She has designed homes in Mass, Maine, and New Hampshire and looks forward to getting started with you right away!


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