Elizabeth Luis Goulart

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Elizabeth Luis Goulart


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Elizabeth joins the Cabot House Furniture & Design Burlington team with residential and commercial design experience.  After completing a course in interior design in 1992, Elizabeth has designed and implemented interior design solutions for store openings- creating room settings and vignettes for showrooms, commercial spaces, and window displays. She has also worked on residential projects in a variety of styles and locations. As an entrepreneur with a background in music and event management, she managed her own business for several years. She participated in the National Day of Window Displays where four of her entries qualified for 1st place. She also received the highest recognition award from the mayor.
Elizabeth believes that your personal space helps define your future memories. Thus, she believes that if she gives you a seamless design experience ,she is helping you create lasting memories. This perspective allows her to design with one single goal in mind: obtaining the perfect blend of function and elegance. Having grown up in Europe gives her an international perspective. She enjoys drawing inspiration from different architectural traditions and cultures.


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